Jukka Koski, Founder, Board member

Mr Koski is co-founder and CEO of IPReye Global Ltd. Mr Koski has held various management positions in Finnish and European ICT companies since mid-1990s. Since the end of 1990s he has been involved in numerous projects providing expertise on strategy, business planning, M&A, financing and public listings for various renewables, ICT, mobile technology, media and gaming related companies. Mr Koski holds M.Sc. degree in Economics from the University of Oulu, Finland.
Tel. +358 50 548 4377

Jussi Pirhonen, Founder, Trademark lawyer

Mr Pirhonen is co-founder of IPReye Global Ltd. He has founded several technology and internet companies. He serves Tammer-Juristit attorneys-at-law as managing partner. Mr Pirhonen has vast experience of trademarks and IPR issues as well as Finnish corporate law. He holds LL.M. degree from the University of Lapland, Finland.
Tel. +358 400 923 905

Markus Talvio, Partner, Trademark lawyer

Mr Talvio is partner and senior advisor at IPReye Global Ltd. His is experienced with trademarks, intellectual property right issues and contract law. Prior to his law career he ran privately held pharmaceuticals research organisation. Mr Talvio holds LL.M. degree from the University of Turku, Finland.
Tel. +358 50 2590


Teemu Karhu, Advisor, Software & Service Development

Mr Karhu is Advisor for IPReye Global Ltd and is responsible for software and service development. He has skills to combine technological solutions to business opportunities and revenue streams. Mr Karhu has vast business, managerial and technological experience from Logica and Nokia. He holds Bsc. (EE) from Polytechnic of Helsinki, Finland.
Tel. +358 44 337 5775

Theo Manninen, Advisor, PR & Marketing

Mr Manninen is based in London and is responsible for IPReye business development activities within European fashion industry. Mr Manninen has working experience in various industries through out being an entrepreneur. After finishing Kiev International School in Ukraine, Mr Manninen then on went and continued his studies in Regents College, European Business School London. Prior joining the IPReye team, Mr Manninen has dealt with different start ups ranging from fashion to marketing and media to consulting with the biggest private developer in Middle East, DAMAC, while building a vast network of serious stakeholders ranging in many industries. Mr Manninen speaks Finnish, English and Russian fluently which has helped him to widen his spectrum of industry knowledge and clients ranging across the globe.
Tel. +44 7807 847 200